Our Family History Research Service, Available Nationwide

We aim at all times to provide you with a clear and efficient service.

To enable us to do this, we will need to know as much as you already know about your ancestors so that we are able to conduct our research as efficiently as possible and avoid unnecessary duplication.

Even what you may think of as insignificant details can often provide vital clues.

When you decide that you would like us to assist you we would ask that you should review all you know about your ancestor, forward us the full details and advise us clearly of your research objectives.

We will review these details and provide you with a strategy and fees estimate at the same time seeking any clarification or additional information required.

You should confirm acceptance, send us copies (either hard copy or scanned images but not originals) of the documents together with payment of the fees/expenses as shown in our estimate.

We will then develop a research plan, conduct the research, analyse the findings, prepare a report and suggest the next steps in research you may wish to pursue.

The Records

Most people with British ancestry should be able to establish evidence of their family to the 1700s – indeed you would be unlucky not to be able to do so. However, we cannot guarantee this as unfortunately sometimes the records just do not exist or have not survived or there may be gaps in the records. In such cases we will utilise our expertise to locate alternative sources providing similar information.

The logistics of research does depend upon both their extent and complexity, availability of records and locations to be visited. Thorough research does take time however we are always happy to respond to a request for an update on progress.

Our Report for You

On completion of the research we will provide you with a comprehensive written report including:

  • Confirmation of your research objective
  • The strategy we decided upon to help you reach your goals
  • The details of all records searched and the results from them
  • Copies of all documents (although please note this may not be possible at all times due to copyright or other reproduction restrictions)
  • A pedigree (if relevant and agreed at the time of instructions being issued)
  • Suggestions for further research.

Our Standards

Connecting Generations Ancestral Research employs a code of practice so that in every aspect of our research evidence only becomes proof through a reasoned and logical analysis and argument, where possible employing related genealogical sources.

We will always endeavour to avoid unnecessary duplication of your efforts and research although it may be necessary to revisit some elements of that research for clarification purposes.

We will always seek to use original and primary sources and records (this may be filmed and/or digitised images of the originals) to gather key information. Secondary sources may be used in the absence of primary sources in which case full information about the source and any shortcomings will be given in our report for you.

Genealogical research is often a challenging and time consuming process. It is true that as we go further back in time there may be less proof and more time and effort will be needed.

We will consider where the document originates, when it was produced, how close its origin is to the date of the relevant event, who produced it and what its original intended use was.

Although we will endeavour to exhaust all possibilities in our search for your ancestors it must be recognised that historical documents may be inadequate, lost or destroyed and this may affect the degree of proof possible.

We will always cite the source information of documents used in the research process

We will make our reports as clear and as definite as the facts allow and offer candid advice, clearly explaining the processes employed to arrive at the conclusion.

On some occasions we may find it necessary to use the services of other accredited researchers where they are located conveniently close to archive repositories for example and where their areas of expertise will only enhance the quality of our service.

Connecting Generations Ancestral Research will always be your main contact.

Please give us a call with your requirements and let us help discover your ancestry.