Discover Your Family History

Family history has never been more popular.

Many people are interested in discovering their ancestors.

Connecting Generations Ancestral Research can help you.

Certain research can be conducted utilising on-line resources but this is still only a small proportion of records that are available in this way and a visit to archives to research original documents is essential to discover all the information which exists about your family

We can research whole family histories over several generations or for as many as you wish us to undertake.

We will use our best efforts to break down ‘Brick Walls’ where you are unable to progress your own research.

Connecting Generations is able to research any specific event in your ancestor's life such as a baptism, marriage, occupational detail, service in the Armed Forces etc.

Range of Records Available

We are very familiar with the records held both nationally and locally including:

  • Birth, Marriage & Death certificates
  • Census Records.
  • Workhouse records
  • Parish registers
  • Poor Law Records
  • The records of the Quarter Sessions and other court records
  • Newspapers and their reports of events, obituaries and trials
  • The records of the electoral registers
  • Poll books
  • Cemetery records
  • Probate records
  • Wills
  • Manorial records
  • Tax Records
  • Directories
  • Electoral records
  • Deeds

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